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Know How in Environmental Control

We developed air micro contamination control, with flexible plants that are able to expand, with optimized energy consumption and operating costs supported by previous successful experiences.
Through international partnerships, we focus the development of each project custom made, allowing new challenges each time and creating intelligent solutions to the complex and specific needs.
We comply the clean processes that are adequate to the most updated international standards through precise diagnoses and simple solutions.

Zero losses in the production

Among the several sectors that make use of the technology, there are: pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, biotechnology, optics, precision engineering, surface treatment, fine chemicals, electronics, healthcare, specialized paintings and aerospace.
Modern markets cannot give up the control of micro contamination of the air, because among the results of contamination by particles you can find loss of production, waste and imprecision

Effectiveness in each solution

Through constant communication with our customers, we constantly collect information from the work processes and we transform this "findings" into successful solutions for each different challenge.
Our cleanroom systems reduce air contamination, from million particles per cubic meter of air into almost absolute purity.
Conventional solutions are usually inadequate to solve the complexes problems of our customers. Therefore, we provide expertise on what is really special.

Concept of a unique integrator

As the technology and services requirements are increasingly growing, it is expected to the areas designated as clean to be planned for an increase in the number of its functions.
The vision of the utilities as a whole becomes essential in the planning, in the constructing process and at the operation of the area.
The guarantee of success becomes responsibility of a single integrator, which will bring the combination of a complex operational sequence of specialized engineering and the services.

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