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Our History

Established in 1998, we are a global supplier of air treatment system. We offer complete solutions for comfort needs, production processes, life safety and occupational requirements.

Through our offices in Sao Paulo-SP / Brazil, we have been supporting our customers in key search for solutions, so they can achieve their strategic and operational goals.

Our Experience in Past Jobs

Our experience with international partnerships and our technical knowledge, using state of the art energy efficiency technologies and multidisciplinary integration. We are prepared to help you as a competent partner from the initial planning to start up, finding a specific solution for your air treatment needs.

Our know-how to develop ideas on energy efficiency and the concept of custom-made projects, as a quality assured turn-key, are the base of our engineering operations.

Our Professionals

Our employees and engineers have experienced more than 3.000 projects in a wide range of application areas in Brazil and MERCOSUR, testifying the confidence of our customers.

Our Certifications

Our focus on permanent training and ISO validation, for customers such as Petrobras and Sao Paulo's Subway Co, demands a high level of procedures evidencing, methodologies and safety processes in the application of the quality concept of assurance, since the project planning stage until the commissioning procedures.

Our Mission

To provide constant commitment on air treatment system with the best energy efficiency, offering higher quality and lower cost.

Our Vision

A constant development to promote a global impact for a clean, safe and sustainable future.

Our Values

Business ethics, the respect for the global energy agenda and the permanent comply to search for the best practices in work safety, sustainability and the environment preservation.

Social Responsibility



Contact Us:
+ 55 (11) 3832-8236 | info@ar-arengenharia.com.br