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Air Quality Maintenance in Climate Controlled Places

More and more air conditioners are being installed to provide comfort for their users.

Most of the occupants of buildings and indoor sealed areas are concerned only with the comfort temperature that the air conditioner provides, forgetting about that the air conditioning system can function as a disseminator of microbiological agent's allergens, pathogens and toxicogenic if the services are performed improperly.

For the air quality in such places complies for the regiments of the legislation you need to do the proper maintenance of the equipment's.

One of the consequences of lack of maintenance and cleaning procedures can be the saturation of the filters by particulate matter, causing a decrease in the volume of outside air and therefore an increase in recirculation of the intern air and microbiological agent contamination or chemical agent.

The Ordinance nº 3.523 of 08/28/1998, elaborated by the Ministry of Health through the Secretariat of Health Surveillance to regulate people's concern about the quality of air conditioned environments, contains basic actions relating to procedures for visual inspection of the cleanliness, removal of impurities by physical methods, maintaining a state of integrity and efficiency of all components of air conditioning systems in order to guarantee the quality of indoor air and prevention of health risks to occupants of air conditioned environments.

All these procedures must be in Maintenance, Operation and Control Plan (MOCP), in equipments with a capacity above 5 TR ( =15,000 Kcal/h = 60.000 BTU/h), with a professional engineer in charge to determine the effective implementation of the plan.

The Resolution nº 176 of 10/24/2000, set the parameter for air quality standard reference in artificially climate controlled environments, defined by Ordinance nº 3.523.

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