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Setores de Atuação - Saiba um pouco mais sobre a nossas áreas de atuação
  • Cleanroom - Effectiveness in each solution

    Cleanroom modern systems reduce air contamination in millions of particles per cubic meter to almost absolute purity.

    The proper integration of the cleanroom with architecture elements, associated with an adequate temperature control, pressure, relative humidity, air velocity and filtering, will ensure an accurate validation of the room within the required time of the project.

  • Shopping Malls - Pleasant atmosphere for shopping

    People want to feel well while they're buying, by ensuring a pleasant air for the clients, slightly cooled we stimulate the permanency in the stores.

  • Industries - Clean air at work and environment

    Through the development and installations of industrial ventilation system, pneumatic transport, retention of dust and waste treatment, we can ensure clean air at work and at environment. Pollutants, waste, gases, smoke, dust, heat and noise are inevitable at industrial productions. The priority, however, is to protect the people and the environment.

  • Trains and Subways - For safe mobility

    Through air treatment system in tunnels for trains, electrical rooms, local control centers, box offices, stations, ventilation wells and escape routes, we implement safe and reliable solutions.

  • Oil and Gas - Everything under control all the time

    Through international partnerships, we try to offer components with the maximum local content. Our Integrated Management System, with its policy of Quality, Safety and Health, Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, guarantees safe operations with responsibility.

    We look for a steady evolution of certifications and we focus on attending the annual renewal requirements of the Registry Classification (CRCC) of Petrobras.

  • Airports - Comfort and safety

    Each airport is different. Small boarding gates, big halls, long corridors and transport tunnels provoke uncomfortable air currents. We develop specific concepts for the HVAC and smoke control .

  • Hospitals and Health Care - Where technology saves lives

    Sterile areas for transplants, surgery rooms, insulations, ICUs and hospital areas require technical knowledge and specialization to save lives.

  • Corporate Spaces - Comfort instead of breathlessness

    The performance of a building affects the productivity of the organization. The Technical system, the air quality, low noise, low power consumption, a comfortable place free of air streams and a superior design, when is properly integrated, will ensure a good performance.

  • Data Centers / Electrical Rooms - Controlled and productive environments all year round.

    It's known that when there's a job to be done it needs to be performed without interruption. And if the air system has to operate effectively throughout the job , the reliability of the adapted solution is essential.

  • Culture and Entertainment - The entertainment must be pleasant

    Auditoriums, stadiums, museums, cultural centers, TV studios are places that ask for relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for the public.

  • Distribution Centers - Your construction grows, and grows in value.

    Distribution Centers are already part of the production process. The prerequisites of a reliable logistic go through a controlled atmosphere, when food security and preservation involves high value assets.

  • Food Industries - Ingenious and simple solutions for stratified ventilation

    Everyday companies are seeking solutions for clean processes of production that ensure their products to leave the factory in perfect hygiene conditions.

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